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At Eagle Valley, we believe high quality care should be accessible to everyone. Our highly trained staff specializes in whole-person approaches to prenatal, pediatric and family treatment.

We're a family wellness clinic in Wabasha & Lake city!


We specialize in serving marginalized populations with high-quality, comprehensive natural healthcare.

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What's on offer?

It doesn't matter how great a modality is if you can't sustain treatment. We pair accommodating scheduling options with also taking a wealth of insurance options without compromising quality.

3. sustainability

If you've been DIYing your recovery journey, you recognize it takes a comprehensive - yet streamlined - approach to stop treating symptoms & start seeing results that last.

2. root causes

Have you been to a fantastic natural health practitioner who tried to sell you an expensive package that simply did not fit into your family's budget? That's why we go to great lengths to make care affordable.

1. access to care

Comprehensive Wellness Care

what you want...

"Healthcare and research are changing, long-held views are being altered in brain research, and technology is enhancing not only the diagnosis but more conservative measures to incorporate self-help and self-care in the process. The focus of care tomorrow will be on maintaining health and wellness, rather than attempting to treat disease after it has been diagnosed. The paradigm shift is evident and will be a major course correction in what has been a very dis-ease focused world."

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Louis Sportelli, DC, integrative medicine journal, 2020 

Medical Assistance
Most Private insurances
Worker's Compensation
PIP (Auto) Coverage
VA Community Care
Payment Plans
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Our first priority is going to great lengths to help your care become more accessible.

What to expect

You'll meet with one of our acupuncture or dry needling providers either before/after your adjustment or as a stand alone treatment. Small needles sooth the nervous system.


Our staff of certified massage therapists offer everything from a relaxing spa-like or deep tissue massage to innovative holistic health modalities like reiki & yoga therapy.

Massage Therapy

You'll meet with one of our chiropractors to assess your current pain, wellness goals, and health concerns and develop a treatment plan tailored to you personally.


what your visit will entail

Whole family wellness

You won't find salesy providers or staff here at Eagle Valley. We value an integrated path for wellness which leans on the best of scientific & peer-reviewed research alongside time-tested healing lineages sometimes go back thousands of years. We understand that true healing happens in this whole person approach.

Holistic health

massage therapy

You don't need a series of expensive out-of-pocket tests to tell you what you already know. Odds are, your nervous system might be stressed due to the demands of modern living. What you do need are professionals who can meet you wherever you are on your healing journey & deeply listen.


Down-to-earth & accessible

Although we're passionate about all comprehensive natural health care, chiropractic is the root of our practice. Our trained doctors are specialized in pediatric and prenatal care.

Give us a call, send us an email, shoot us a text or stop by the office to meet us and setup your initial consult. Walk ins and same day appointments available!

1. contact us

Unlike pushy & sales minded providers, we are a family-oriented female team that genuinely wants to get to know you and your family!

2. care plan

If money is the only reason you can't be seen, reach out to us and let us know the circumstances. We work hard to accept most insurances to support more families.

3. follow up

How it Works

We offer new patient discounts, specials, and free consultations! Give us a call or stop by the office today to start feeling better.

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"I can't say enough great things about the staff at eagle valley!"

I've been a patient of this clinic for a few years now, and I'm perpetually amazed at how they actually want to get to know me as a person; I'm never just a number!"

Alexander Jimenez

"Although I appreciate the chain spa in town, i found something more at EV.

There is something special about the staff. You can tell they're really helping you move past simple relaxation to true and lasting inner healing."

Stacy Jacobs

Alexander Jimenez, patient at eagle valley chiropractic

Stacy Jacob, Patient at Eagle Valley Chiropractic